Hi, I’m Farheen 📷

…and I love creating photos. Here for photography services? Skip this bio and drop me a line here and let’s make some magic!

I’m a photographer by passion and not occupation- I went to school for Computer Science and Intelligence Analysis, and I’m still in school for Computer Forensics (MS in 2017, insha Allah [God-willing]!). I work in my field, but I’ve always loved being creative with the digital arts…I went through a pretty serious cinematography phase in high school and I’ve never wanted to give it up! My first “prosumer” video camera was the Sony HV HD 100U, and every school project would be a some crazy video I’d direct, shoot, and edit myself – oh, how far we’ve come since those days…

…for example, I’ve chosen to focus exclusively on wedding, event and portrait photography. And because this isn’t my full-time job, I can keep my rates WAY below industry average for the DMV (DC-MD-VA) area, which is great for folks on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality! Check out my portfolio for some of my work, but follow me on my Instagram for the most up-to-date content as I’m most active on that platform. And check out my reviews on Facebook to see what my clients have to say about me!

So if you’re looking for photography services for your event, portraits or just a swaggie new profile picture, or a fellow photographer, or coffee connoisseur, drop me a line!  🙂

I look forward to talking to you!